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Who is State Of Mind?
Two childhood friends who got into the supplement industry together.

We started SOMFB-NUTRITION in 2015.
SOMFB-NUTRITION had its beginning in our Facebook concept: State Of Mind – Fitness & Bodybuilding. The reason why we started selling the 5% Nutrition products is very simple Jens Dalsgaard (own of the owners of SOMFB-NUTRITION) is sponsored by 5% Nutrition, he started working with 5% end of 2014 trying out the products by Rich Piana for the first time, getting products that really worked just blew us away and made us want to get it to Denmark to show people what REAL supplements is all about!

This year it became a reality(2015).
We chose to collaborate with 5% Nutrtition LLC and it just grew from there, now we got happy customers all over the world, shipping from Denmark to Canada, Australia and many other countries!